Rules for the Rainhill Young Musician of the Year
  1. The Competition is open to all students from primary year 3 - 6th form either studying or living in the North West of England.
  2. Once all application forms have been received with a photocopy of their music, notification will be sent either to the entrants school or their home, detailing the time and location of the 1st round. This will also be displayed on the RMF website.
  3. From all entries submitted before the deadline, there is a maximum of 100 students who will be chosen for the 1st round, simply due to time constraints. Any students either living or studying in Rainhill will automatically be selected for the 1st round. Those from feeder High Schools and 6th Forms will then fill the remaining places, with the committee choosing entrants based on relevant vacant spaces in the different instrument groupings.

    Example: in 2013 we receive 150 entries, 75 of which are from Rainhill students. The remaining 25 entries would then be selected from the 75 entries NOT from Rainhill. These 25 would then be added to the senior sections of the 1st round.

  4. Students must provide their own accompanist; only in exceptional circumstances will an accompanist be provided.
  5. The Competition will be divided into the following age groups:
    Lower Primary (years 3-4)
    Upper Primary (years 5-6)
    Elementary (grades 1-3)
    Intermediate (grades 4-6)
    Senior (Grades 7-8) sections.
  6. Pupils will be sorted by Grade rather than age, giving a fair and equal standard of Competition to all.
  7. Those pupils who have not yet reached a graded exam should mark grade 1 on their application. Please consult with your teachers or contact us if you have further questions.
  8. Within these 5 sections, there will be 6 instrumental categories of Strings, Woodwind, Brass, Piano, Voice and Percussion.
  9. An adjudicator will select a winner from each of these categories in each of the relevant sections at the 1st Round stage. This is held on the Thursday afternoon of the festival week.
  10. Entrants are requested to bring their entry fee of £3 with them, which will be collected before their 1st round.
  11. The winners will then perform in the Finals Evening (Friday evening of the festival week) to decide on the following awards:-
  • Musician of the Year £250
  • Runner – up £125
  • Most Promising Musician £75
  • Senior Section Winner Grade 7-8 £45
  • Intermediate Winner Grade 5-6 £40
  • Elementary Winner Grade 1-3 £35
  • Upper Primary Years 5-6 £30
  • Lower Primary Years 3-4 £25
  1. NB; Any singers through to the Finals Evening must rehearse on the Friday afternoon in St. Ann’s Church with our own accompanist who will play for them in the Final (alternatively you can bring your own pianist with you). We would encourage singers where possible to bring a pianist to the 1st round for continuity. Amplification will be provided in the Final.
  2. Every competitor in the Grand Final will receive a trophy as well as a certificate and a written adjudication.
  3. All competitors will receive a certificate and a written adjudication whether or not they qualify for the finals.
  4. Any decisions made by our Adjudicators are final. Entrants will be marked out of 100 and will receive feedback.
  5. For any other queries regarding Competition rules, please email